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The Sewer Assassin

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Rodent access to buildings has long plagued the pest control industry. Traditionally, entry points were exterior-based, like vent pipes and utility penetrations. However, recent years have seen a rise in sewer and roof rats multiplying in sewer systems, exploiting deteriorating breached or improperly installed plumbing for entry.  Previously, costly plumbing remediation were the only solution. But now, there’s a game-changer.

The Sewer Assassin

About The Sewer Assassin

The Sewer Assassin is an innovative new bait station that can be utilized in the exact way traditional exterior bait stations are. Once installed, it should be monitored regularly until the activity on the bait slows or stops. Once it has, service monthly as an ongoing protection and monitor to let you and your customer know if new rodents coming up from the sewer are present.

This product works for both residential and commercial properties and is available in 3” & 4” sizes.  It takes minutes to install using a few basic tools and it takes less time to service it each month.  IT IS AN EASY SELL TO ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS! GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR REVENUE!

It's That Simple

  • Gain control of rodents making entry into structure from the plumbing
  • Prevent reoccurrences and property damage
  • Use if rodents have been observed or reported in toilets
  • Use if breached or faulty plumbing is suspected or proven
  • Easy up sale to your current customer base
  • Deploy will all new rodent control customers
  • Be your customer’s hero!

Product Coming Soon In Summer 2024! Pre-Orders Now Available.

Here Is How The Installation Process Works

The Sewer Assassin works exacly like an exterior bait station designed to control and monitor rodent populations before they make entry inside a structure. It works by safely deploying rodenticide where it’s needed most, directly into the clean outs of plumbing systems.

It can be used in two ways:

1.Vertical installation for in ground cleanouts
2. Horizontal installation for in wall cleanouts For instructional videos and more information, go to  Installation Instructions.

This innovative new bait station allows you to prove, control, and monitor rodent intrusion through plumbing.

This patented product checks all the boxes that traditional bait stations require. The Sewer Assassin is tamper resistant, secures rodenticide, and is properly labeled with warning statements.Sizes available to fit both your residential and commercial customers. It can be sold as a standalone service or added to your existing customer base.

• For pest professional use only

• For use with rodenticides labeled for the sewer

• Always check with your state and local regulations before implementing the device

Product Coming Soon In Summer 2024! Pre-Orders Now Available.

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The last piece of the puzzle to ensure your customers
home or business is 100% protected from rodent intrusion

Product Coming Soon In Summer 2024! Pre-Orders Now Available.

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